• US Bank Departmental Travel Card

    The Departmental Travel Cardholder/Travel Liaison will be responsible for making travel arrangements for individual and/or group travel for:

    • Students or Student Group Traveling on University Business
    • Transactions for University staff/faculty who do not have a Personal Liability Travel Card (Airfare and Registration Fee)
    • Non-University employees (including Candidates for a position, speakers, guest lecturers and other individuals authorized by the University)         


  • Tuition and Campus Fees Refunds

    Students are required to withdraw from classes in accordance with established policy. Students may not withdraw from classes or the University without official notification. Non-attendance from classes does not constitute withdrawal. Students remain fully responsible for all financial obligations, subject to the published refund schedule.

    Full Refund:

  • Record Retention for the Bursar’s Office

    • An imaged reproduction will be deemed to be the original public record of the Bursar’s Office and FABS for all purposes, including introduction in courts of law and state agencies.
    • Check logs are maintained electronically, and will be purged after five years.
    • Original paper records will be maintained for a period of two fiscal years, plus the current year-to-date. Records pertaining to the third previous year will be destroyed during the month of July each year.   
  • Debts and Fees Owed

    • The University reserves the right to cancel student’s classes for non-payment of campus fees and other obligations from prior semesters/years.
    • A financial hold is automatically placed on student records which prevents future registration, adding classes, receiving diploma and/or transcripts, use campus facilities and/or other services.
  • New Position Request

    All requests for new non-faculty probationary/permanent positions in all funds (includes appointments over 90 days according to current University policy) must be approved by the Cabinet Level Officer and/or President. The request must include a justification about how the position will strengthen the effectiveness of the new or existing program and indicate how the position will be funded. This policy does not apply to appointments less than 90 days, the hiring of a replacement for an employee in a current budgeted position, or to hires resulting from disciplinary action, i.e.

  • Budget Transfers

    The Business Practice Directive was created in accordance with Executive Order No. 1000, to emphasize the budget transfers made between two different funds are precluded. In addition, the Business Practice Directive delegates the responsibility to department levels and requires the departments’ budget officers to maintain/monitor their departments’ budget as an on-going process to ensure the spending within their budget allocation.



  • Web Pages


    Web Oversight and Management

    Information Technology Services (ITS) manages the resources and technical issues regarding web accounts, University servers, and system configurations. ITS also oversees all aspects relating to maintenance of the main San Francisco State University web server.

    The Office of University Communications is responsible for determining the organizational structure and appearance of the University's main home page and first-level or index pages directly linked from the main page.