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Information Technology Services

Contact Information: 

Nish Malik / Associate Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Information Technology Services / (415) 405-4105 /

Effective Date: 

Wednesday, June 3, 2015



This Practice Directive governs conduct of the online directory and provides guidance on usage of the same.


Purpose & Scope

SF State University promotes communication among all members of the University community and the public that it serves. To enhance communication, the University is committed to maintaining an online directory that contains current contact information of all current SF State faculty and staff.


A balance has been struck between the making it easy for people to update and get contact information such as phone number or e-mail, and protecting individuals from unwanted invasions of privacy using that information. The availability of online directory is intended to facilitate ease of communication among members of the campus community.

Practice Directive & Appropriate Use

SF State University has adopted the following policies to govern conduct of the online directory.

Appropriate Use

  • Information available through the online directory may be used for University-related purposes only. To protect the privacy of the individuals listed herein, in accordance with the State of California Information Practices Act; the online directory may not be used, rented, distributed or sold for commercial purposes. Further, any use of the information in online directory must comply with SF State Mass E-Mail Messages and SF State’s Acceptable Use.
  • All users are expected to use SF State University's online directory in a legal and responsible manner. Illegal file sharing activity can result in criminal penalties including imprisonment of up to five years and fines of up to $250,000 per offense.  Please see Copyright Law Information Page for information on federal laws regarding copyright.
  • All users of online directory must use reasonable care, as outlined in the University’s Information Security Program, to protect University Confidential Data as defined in the Data Security, Confidentiality and Privacy.

Updating Directory Information

  • To ensure the accuracy of all information, SF State Faculty and Staff can update the following fields in the online directory: first name, middle name, phone number, office location and terminal degree. Faculty is allowed to define an additional title, subject to their department’s approval. Please see SF State Communications Directory Guide to learn how to update contact information.
  • The employee last name displayed in the online directory is the legal last name on file with SF State Human Resources department. To change your last name, an Employee Action Request Form needs to be sent to Human Resources
  • The email address displayed in the online directory is the employee’s official SF State email address. Please see E-mail Faculty & Staff for details on obtaining an SF State email account.
  • SF State Faculty and Staff are responsible for ensuring their individual information is accurate. Employees may define their own phone number listing; however SF State is not responsible for any charges incurred on your communication devices when non-University numbers are entered in the online directory.
  • Active employees and associated position information including title, department and/or area will be included in the online directory as reflected in the Human Resources Management System. The online directory synchronizes on nightly basis.

Opting Out

  • SF State Faculty and Staff have the option to opt out of the online directory. To opt out, please go to the update online directory and check the box in front of the label Hide my information from the directory. Opting out of the online directory also removes the employee from the email address book.  
  • SF State Faculty and Staff that are students who wish their education record to be deemed confidential should refer to the Registrar’s Office Student Privacy Rights.
  • Information on SF State e-mail account eligibility can be found at E-mail Account Eligibility.


Responsibility for implementing this Practice Directive will rest with Information Technology Services (ITS) and Information Technology (IT) departments across campus. Submit any apparent violation of Online Directory Practice Directives to the appropriate administrative authority (vice president, dean, director, department, or program chair) or to


Noncompliance with applicable policies and/or practices may result in suspension of access privileges and removal from online directory. In addition, disciplinary action may be applicable under other University policies, guidelines, implementing procedures, or collective bargaining agreements.