Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Policies website?

The Policies website is the sole authoritative source of official administrative Practice Directives, Procedures, and University Executive Directives for SFSU. This site has been designed to provide easy access for students, staff and other stakeholders to current Practice Directives, Procedures, and University Executive Directives. This site also provides policy administrators with Resources and Tools to assist in Practice Directive development, review, consultation and approval.


What role do Practice Directives fulfill at SFSU?

Practice Directives (PDs) are the means for conducting the business of the University and its campus community in a consistent and orderly manner. PDs are often created when a CSU policy is not in place to provide sufficient guidance on decision making. In such instances, a department may choose to develop a PD to provide clarity and enhance transparency regarding a specific topic or process. Process improvement initiatives and audits sometimes require the campus to document its processes and may result in the campus choosing to develop a PD.

The Flowchart for Practice Directives can be found below:

What role do University Executive Directives fulfill at SFSU?

University Executive Directives (UEDs) are guiding principles that express the institutional culture, goals, and philosophy of the University. UEDs promote consistency and operational efficiency, enhance our mission, and mitigate significant organizational risk. They are approved by the University President, are non-negotionable, and change infrequently.

How do I find the University Executive Directives I am looking for?

All University Executive Directives are listed in order by year and list number. For example in UED 15-40 Smoke-Free Campus, the “15” reflects the year the UED was approved and the number “40” is the recent listed number of the UED to date.


What role do Delegations of Authority fulfill at SFSU?

The University must act through authorized individuals. The President or Vice President may choose to retain authorities and to delegate other authorities to executive officers, which essentially flow down through the University's chain of command.

How do I find the Practice Directive I am looking for?

All Practice Directives are listed in the View A-Z in alphabetical order by title. You may also select the Department View which displays all Practice Directives alphabetically per their respective Departments.


Where can I find associated information?

For your convenience, most documents listed on the A&F Policies and Practice Directives Website include links and references such as relevant legislation; CSU executive orders, and departmental procedures.  If you are unable to locate the information you are seeking please contact the policy coordinator at:

Who do I contact if I need help or further information?

If you can't find the document you are looking for or require assistance using the Policies website, please email the Compliance & Policy Coordinator at